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Let’s meet the Cats…


The Cats are proud to grace the stage with highly acclaimed vocal starlet Kirsty Rogers. Once you’ve witnessed the sensational Kirsty perform you will soon realise why the Cats are in such demand.

With a versatile range that captures everything from bold and powerful anthems to subtle and breathless ballads, Kirsty Rogers is a master of her craft who loves every minute of being on stage. Coupled with her infectious smile, beaming personality and enchanting looks (that’ll be a fiver, Kirst), Kirsty is a vivacious front woman full of contagious enthusiasm which packs out dance floors.



Raised in the forests of Bolton on a diet of whisky and heavy metal, enigmatic co-host of The Midnight Cats Ste has been spotted playing guitar across Manchester, the UK and throughout Europe, from local pubs to opera houses.

Drawing on a range of influences through his extensive oeuvre, Ste is at the forefront of crafting the magnificent beast that is the Midnight Cats’ unmistakeable disco sound.

FAVOURITE CAT: Milady (from Dogtanian)



Mike has been a powerhouse behind many function and corporate bands in Manchester and further afield over the years, reliable both on and off stage and the undisputed driving force behind The Midnight Cats.

A veritable banter extraordinaire and a key personality on stage, despite his position at the back of the set up, Mike can often be seen dropping mad rhymes and old schools flavours like it ain’t no thang.

The trademark funk band pulse of The Midnight Cats is all down to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of this incredible showman.




The inimitable Joe has funk and disco running through his veins and is most comfortable on stage dropping face-melting slap bass lines.

Having extensively toured the UK and Europe in a former musical life, Joe has now been Robin to Mike’s Batman for over half a decade on the function band circuit in Manchester. Joe is well-known for his penchant for turning pop bass lines into funkadelic dynamite.

Also at the helm of the DJ service, Joe is the go-to guy for all of your requests on the night!